Getting Started


Training is always conveniently scheduled and can be delivered on-site, in a boardroom, or any other conducive area you designate. Should you wish, we'll even help you design and implement a dedicated meditation room. 


Programs are also held at convenient off-site locations, and can be scheduled during or after traditional work hours. The choice is up to you. 

Step 1 —   Meditation Breakthrough

Not two organizations are alike. Meditation Breakthrough is designed to determine the suitability of meditation as a well-being and stress reduction protocol within your corporate culture.

Completed in just 75 minutes, Meditation Breakthrough engages participants with a compelling explanation of what meditation is, and follows with an eye-opening update on the health and neuroscientific benefits that can be expected.  Your session will be delivered by expert facilitators and includes a complete meditation class, enabling attendees to immediately experience the benefits for themselves.  

The program can be delivered onsite, or at a location we arrange, enabling a low-risk and immediate  assessment of employee engagement.    

Step 2 — Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners is a state-of-the-art 6-week in-house program designed to reduce stress, increase creativity and markedly increase individual well being.

Designed to deliver measurable—and lasting—results, Meditation for Beginnersleverages the latest finding in neuroplasticity to accelerate skill development and help people break through the most common barriers to meditation practice. Carefully structured to optimize individual well-being, the program uses a sequence of short professionally guided sessions to help even the most fidgety Type A’s reduce stress and increase happiness.

Step 3 — We help you train an in-house teacher, or continue to provide professionally facilitation at an affordable rate.

Happy employees are the best employees. You may be impressed with the difference meditation makes in your culture and organization. Should you decide to make meditation an on-going well-being protocol, your Meditate Corporate representative can help you choose the most effective and affordable path.

We'd love to discuss your organization's needs, either in person or by phone.

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