Randy Purcell
Randy Purcell has been meditating for more than 35 years. He is a winner of awards from KPMG and the BC Technology Industry Association and is the founder of Vancouver based TOP PRODUCER Systems, the world’s #1 real estate CRM company, which he grew from zero to more than 400 employees. Randy is passionate about meditation as a path to personal well-being and outstanding human performance and is currently completing a book on why meditation is now the #1 method of mental conditioning from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.
Kjirsten Sigmund
Co-founder & Teacher
Kjirsten Sigmund is a co-founder of Meditate Vancouver. She is a transformational teacher, inspirational thought leader, and specializes in helping individuals and organizations to improve by helping them realize their highest potentials. Possessing a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, Kjirsten helps people master the art of meeting life—with presence, power, and purpose.
Constance Kellough
Constance Kellough is the founder and publisher of Namaste Publishing, the publisher of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, A New Earth and other New York Times best-selling titles like Conscious Parenting by Shefali Tsabary. Prior to founding Namaste Publishing, Constance was a practicing business trainer and management consultant for 10 years. Constance is available as a keynote speaker and as a special guest teacher of Innerbody Meditation, which she was taught directly by Eckhart Tolle.
Amber Chirico
Business Development
Amber Chirico has an extensive background in business and has worked in fast-paced environments like DHX Media and The Vancouver Canucks. She has worked directly with some of Vancouver’s most well-known Founders, Presidents and CEOs, and has a good understanding of the realities of corporate life. What makes Amber such an effective ambassador for Meditate Corporate is that she began as a customer, and can attest to the profound benefits meditation can bring to the individual, which of course benefits the company as well.
Roberta Vommaro
Meditation Teacher
Previously a lawyer in New York and Brazil, Roberta understands the demands of the corporate world and believes meditation is the number one tool to achieve well-being while being fully engaged in the world. When she moved to Canada with her husband, she decided to pursue her talent for teaching yoga and meditation full-time. Having completed an immense amount of meditation study over the course of her life, Roberta has over 20-years of meditation experience, and first began teaching meditation to doctors at the age of 19. Roberta has been featured in a number of magazines, including Yoga Journal and BC Living.